Palmer Safety

FE8800 Series

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Key Features

Item IDLouisville Ladder Model No.Approx. Wt.Wt. Capacity (lbs)Total LengthOutside WidthInside Width
1102068808FE8808193008 ft.14"11-5/8"
1102068810FE88102330010 ft.14"11-5/8"
1102068812FE88122530012 ft.14"11-5/8"
1102068814FE88143030014 ft.14"11-5/8"
1102068816FE88163630016 ft.14"11-5/8"
1102068818FE88184125018 ft.14"11-5/8"
1102068820FE88204525020 ft.14"11-5/8"


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