Palmer Safety

Why Palmer? is a great question and it is a question we take very seriously at Palmer Safety and continually discuss as we launch review content.

Palmer Safety is full service fall protection manufacturer and safety training organization with offices in Houston, New Orleans, New York, and Los Angeles.

We are different in regards to how we go to business. We believe knowledge is power and, in the case of fall protection, can mean life or death. We want our customers to buy our material, but most importantly we want to be the place you come to for information that is critical for you the end user to run your safety operations.

Our technical sales forces has the background to deliver a service level that most of our competition has given up on due to indirect costs. We pride ourselves on being able to work with you to solve your safety needs as a team.

There are a number of companies out there that you can buy from, and there are plenty of choices you can use. We hope you base your buying decision on not only price, but also the knowledge and customer service that comes with that purchase. We offer the complete package: high quality products serviced by experienced personnel with industry knowledge in the subject matter. Along with that, we provide first rate industry specific safety training courses with more in development. That is our definition of full service and what Palmer Safety delivers to our customers across the United States.

Most importantly we believe in stocking what we sell. If we offer it, we should be stocking it.

We take your safety seriously!

Greg Palmer

Palmer Safety

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