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Bright Common

Our bright common nail is a quality metal shank with a solid construction for common use. This construction is mostly used for carpentry and framing. This large shank gives great strength, commonly for outdoor use.


Our Duplex Nail has a dual-head for easy removal. This nail is mainly used for temporary structures where nail removal is required. Applications included concrete forming and scaffolding. Standard sizes are 8D and 16D Packaged in cases of 30lbs. and 50lbs.

Fluted Nail

Our fluted nail is a hardened steel shank durable for general purpose projects. This nail is commonly used for cleats, flood plates, fastening furring, and partitions.

Phosphate Coated (PC) Drywall

Our phosphate coated drywall nail with a diamond point and cup dish head. This smooth finish shank is perfect for roofing and drywall. The phosphate coating makes these nails easier to drive and not react with drywall compound.
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