Palmer Safety

How High is DEADLY ?

You may not be very high off the ground but if you fall, it could be deadly. In 2015, 16.9% of all fatal falls were from heights  of 10 feet or less.   Join the Campaign to Stop Construction Falls! Source: Fatal occupational injuries incurred by workers in the construction industry due to fallsRead More

Safety Around Drilled Holes – Pier or Direct Embed Foundations

Purpose This Best Practice provides guidance for improving safety when working around drilled holes on distribution and transmission projects. Operating Units have the responsibility to put in place those measures that best protect employees. This Best Practice represents the soundest methods for reducing incidents and ensuring employee safety, based on experience and other learnings. ToRead More

Safety at Heights: Fall Protection When Performing Aerial Work on Wood Poles

The Partnership is committed to the practice of Safety at Heights wherever the potential exists for personnel falling from heights. A series of Best Practices will be developed that will address fall hazards associated with the Electric Transmission and Distribution industry. Best Practices will address fall hazards associated with, but not limited to, aerial tasksRead More

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