Palmer Safety

3 Strand Polydac Sinking Potwarp Trap Rope

Sinking potwarp rope is made from a combination of polyester and polypropylene fibers and is an excellent, low cost fishing rope. This economical, high strength rope has very low stretch properties, high abrasion resistance and is easily spliced.
See also 3 Strand Polydac Combo Ropes.

  • Available colors white with small colored tracer.
  • Additional sizes and colors available to special order
  • Standard coils of 1200ft
Code Inch (dia.) MM (dia.) Circ. Inch Tensile Strength (lbs.) Lbs/100ft
PDPW516 5/16 8 1 2,100 2.50
PDPW1132 11/32 9 1 2300 2.60